Our librarians selected the most trustworthy free resources into these guides and resource collections.

These webpages are updated frequently, on an ongoing basis.

Resource Collections on Later Life Concerns

Aging well, coping with everyday issues as we get older, and significant life changes as we come towards the end of our life – all these require as much information and support as we can get. Find resources in these guides to help with:

Elderly father adult son and grandson out for a walk in the park.

Common Issues in Later Life

Information from trustworthy sources on aging well and coping with the most common challenges as we grow older: changes in balance or mobility; changes to vision, hearing, or other senses; changes in sleep patterns, concerns about memory; depression, grief, and loneliness. Includes links to local Bay Area resources and agencies.

Caregiver, carer hand holding elder hand woman.

Giving Care

Expert resources for to caregivers on a wide range of issues and concerns –  from helping to answer basic questions like “when to stop driving?” or “is it time to move?”; to specific concerns like how to assess hazards in the home, caring for someone with dementia or mobility issues, or long-distance caregiving; and more. Includes numerous links to local resources, support groups, and agencies in the Bay Area.

Planning for Later Life

Resources and advice to help decide for ourselves how we want to leave this life, and how to communicate our wishes to family and friends – and to help start those difficult conversations with our loved ones, while they can still make those decisions. Includes links to information about quality of life concerns along with palliative care and hospice care options, to local Bay Area organizations and agencies, and to get the POLST and other advance care directive forms used in California.

Resources to Protect Our Health

Staying healthy during an emergency; coping with the COVID pandemic; and how to communicate clearly with professionals and advocate for better health care.

Emergencies and Your Health

How to stay healthy during a power outage, evacuation, wildfire or another emergency. Includes emergency planning and preparation resources; updated emergency information for the South Bay Area; and resources for protecting those with specific medical conditions.

Created in consultation with the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Management.

COVID-19 Information

Up-to-date Covid pandemic resources and information for Santa Clara County and other parts of the Bay Area, frequently revised whenever services for (and knowledge about) this new disease changes.

Better Communication With Health Care Professionals

Good communication is essential for good health care!

Resources and tools for clear two-way communication, for understanding medical language and on getting accurate translations, on patient rights and medical records, and other resources that help us advocate for ourselves.

How to: find accurate and trustworthy information, fact-check health news, and evaluate medical information.

Video: Evaluating Health Information

How to fact-check, identify misinformation, and detect spin or bias in health news reports and other information sources.