Healthy ways to feel good, feed your body and soul, and enjoy life.

Because pleasure is one of the best engines for good health.

Activities that we enjoy, that engage us, that bring us social connection or get us outdoors are more than just fun. Or maybe it’s that having fun is actually essential for good health!

What do we mean by healthy pleasures? It includes a long list of activities – basically any activity or hobby that relieves stress, exercises our bodies and minds, brings a sense of accomplishment, encourages creativity. They can be solo or social, active or soothing, serious or silly.

Here are some examples of what we would consider to be healthy pleasures:

Making music – playing an instrument, singing, writing tunes or lyrics.

Making art or craft – painting; knitting, weaving, braiding, or any of the fiber arts; woodworking or carving; paper crafts or book arts;  printing; or any of the hundreds of activities that can be lumped together into the Maker Movement.

Mindfulness practices – meditation, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and others.

Physical activities – walking, hiking, running, bicycling, skateboarding, swimming, dancing, and more.

Social activities – playing games, sports, getting together with other people to make or participate in activities together.

Experiences that take us outside of our cares and into something grander – appreciating our environment (being in nature, sightseeing), appreciating performances or other arts.

All of these healthy pleasures contribute to self-care (click for more), especially in stressful times.

The rewards of healthy pleasures – to our physical health, to our mental health, to our communities – are incalculable.